Singapore music will get a boost in the US with streaming service Pandora

Singapore music will get a boost in the US with streaming service Pandora

In an effort to broaden awareness about the country, it appears that the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has teamed up with two industry giants to help boost Singapore's profile: transportation company Lyft and streaming service Pandora.

With a recent marketing campaign with Lyft, which recently hosted Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube for an infamous ride-sharing trip, STB planted colourful YourSingapore decal branding on selected Lyft cars in San Francisco. Its unsuspecting passengers would be subjected to a Singapore-themed quiz and win trips to the country, in a video with likely the greatest amount of Americans excited about Singapore ever.

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Alongside this campaign is a concerted effort alongside streaming service Pandora to introduce Singaporean music to American listeners. There will be a dedicated Singapore station on the platform, consisting of 80 tracks by 12 artists — curated in collaboration with SGMUSO.

Tracks by The Sam Willows, Charlie Lim and THELIONCITYBOY will be included in the Pandora station, to be released in November 2016 for streaming and offline download. 

“Singapore is standing out by taking risks and finding extraordinary ways to raise the destination profile. We are pleased to collaborate with partners Lyft and Pandora who, while are not conventional tourism brands, are aligned with Singapore in being future-forward in spirit and innovative at the core. Our destination resonates deeply with their millennial audiences who seek inspiration through travel,” said Kershing Goh, regional director of Americas’ STB.

Pandora's platform takes advantage of the personalized radio concept, hosting several unique stations for listeners to tune into. While it's not currently available in Asia and Europe, the service boasts 250 million registered users and 78.1 million active listeners per month in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Watch Lyft riders get quizzed on questions related to Singapore:

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