Sins/Of/Suns to release new single 'Glare'

Sins/Of/Suns to release new single 'Glare'

Sins/of/Suns had a rather interesting musical journey. Ishaq Haris 'Botak' Yogaswara and Dissa Kamajaya have been around in the electronic music scene since 2007, that time each one of them had their own project going.

In the same year, Botak were active in the electronic music community and its exploration in Openlabs, a Bandung-based art exploration media, while Dissa had a solo musical project called Jakesperiment. In 2012, they both haven't performed anywhere, and yet they remain steadfast in producing music.

Around 2013, Botak had an idea that would change his musicality -- possibly for good. He started writing subdued, dark music that people can still enjoy. He used echo reverb effects on chilled broken beats as his exploration. But his main mission is to keep pushing forward Bandung and, to some extent, Indonesia's uniqueness in the music he makes.

As the journey continued, Botak met Dissa in 2016 and together they explored layers of traditional music. Along the way, they learned and found a lot of traditional instruments that produce sounds with dark atmosphere and that's where their musical structure began to coalesce.

Their exploration got stronger after joining forces with a young composer named Ramadan Zulqi, which then gave them the initiative to form Sins/of/Suns, a band that dares to explore music unlimitedly wider.

Speaking of their latest single, 'Glare'. To them, it means a dim light shining in the darkest dreams, a new hope when life is at stake. The slow-paced banging beats and the soft harmonious melody will get the listener to feel the sensation of a new life. The melody of the saxophone leads the listeners to rise and move forward towards new hopes and making dreams come true.

'Glare' is an introductory single for their forthcoming debut album, which will be released on March 30. We will update this post when the song is available.