Slime G4ng reaches for salvation in new song, 'S3njo' — listen

Slime G4ng reaches for salvation in new song, 'S3njo' — listen

Today, local rap duo, Slime G4ng, unveiled its latest track ‘S3njo’. Though only having two official releases to its name, it has emerged as one of the most captivating presences in emergent Singapore music.

The premise of the song is seemingly straightforward: A person turns away from a toxic lover through self-empowering reflection. But what the duo does by manipulating the textures of a typical breakup song with bassy reverberating trap and a slight tinge of the smoothness of R&B is absolutely sweeping. Producer, kidmeddling, harnesses the different vocal styles of Louie Indigo and Asking Joshy and plays out the strengths of each over beats that are richly emotive – and powerfully so. 

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There's also a playful touch in the song, in the ad-lib, which is a line taken from the Scooby Doo franchises, “I would have gotten away if it weren't for you meddling kids”. Although unsaid, the ad-lib might be a nod to “what could have been”, if circumstances of the relationship were different.

Check out the song below.