Slodown keeps busy with two new songs, 'Skyline Death' and 'Sunset Spot' – listen

Slodown keeps busy with two new songs, 'Skyline Death' and 'Sunset Spot' – listen

Just two months after releasing his debut EP, Singaporean R&B artist Slodown has dropped two new tracks, 'Skyline Death' and 'Sunset Spot'.

Both tracks were produced by Tzekin of Eternal Dragonz, a collective of musicians, writers and designers of the Asian diaspora founded with the goal of uniting Asian artists from all over the world with a vision to produce work that break away from stereotypes of what Asian art should be like. 

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The Australia-based producer brings a fresh sound to Slodown’s tracks, lending 'Skyline Death' a heavier beat and bolder electronic groove as compared to the Nomance EP produced by Yllis, and features high-pitched, wavering synths that make it sound like it could be part of the soundtrack of a sci-fi film. 

'Sunset Spot' has a dreamier, sultrier melody signature to Slodown's style, and sentimental lyrics about reminiscing watching the sunset with a lover.

Slodown has described the tracks as a "two-track confessional conceptually and sonically inspired by automobile-themed films like Initial D, Drive and Akira."

Listen to Slodown’s ‘Skyline Death’ and Sunset Spot’ below: