Spread the joy of music and get a new TransAcoustic guitar with Yamaha's trade-in programme

Spread the joy of music and get a new TransAcoustic guitar with Yamaha's trade-in programme

Calling all guitar-players. Yamaha has an interesting and heartwarming proposition for you.

Across the generations, Yamaha has remained one of the most trusted music brands in the world. Some of the most renowned musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake continue to testify to the quality and craftsmanship the brand brings to its instruments. But top-of-the-line workmanship isn't the only hallmark that Yamaha stands by. The brand is also deeply concerned with the larger mission spreading the love and appreciation of music to people of all means. 

This time around, the brand extends its goodwill and generosity to guitar players. With its acoustic guitar trade-in program, you will not only receive a brand new guitar, but you will play an instrumental role in allowing an underprivileged child to get a guitar as well. In collaboration with the Volunteer Guitar Connection (VGC), an interest group based in Singapore and dedicated to playing live music and singing, during weekly volunteer sessions at respective Volunteer Welfare Organizations catered for the less fortunate in society, as well as Songkids, a non-profit movement empowering orphans and marginalized children in music, arts and leadership, the program aims to bring the gift of music through the spirit of giving.

This is how it works: You can trade in a pre-loved guitar of any brand – which will be donated to the VGC and SongKids – and receive a new Yamaha TransAcoustic guitar at up to $300 off. Yamaha's TransAcoutic series is the gold standard in the make and sound of acoustic of guitars. Besides the flawless acoustic guitar sound, you'll also enjoy deeply textured reverb and choral effects.

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All you have to do is bring your acoustic guitar down to any of the Yamaha retail outlets for the trade-in and embark on your musical journey with TransAcoustic guitar. For more information, click here.