Spotlight falls on Singapore's jazz community this weekend at We Love Jazz Party 2017

Spotlight falls on Singapore's jazz community this weekend at We Love Jazz Party 2017

Its turning out to be a jazzy July indeed! First, we were treated to a series of jazz performances organized by Esplanade, and now there is a community jazz festival coming up this weekend!

We Love Jazz SG, an arts organization that focuses on strengthening the foundation of our community of jazz and improvised arts, has organized an exciting event - We Love Jazz Party (WLJP) 2017.

Held at The Great Escape from the 22nd to 23rd July, this event has three segments to look out for – WLJ Battle, Live Acts and The Jazz Market.

WLJ Battle is the first inter-school jazz competition in Singapore, with participants from schools like Raffles Institution, Lasalle College of the Arts, and mentorship programs such as Esplanade’s Mosaic Jazz Fellows, as well as a guest participant from Penang.


Taking place over two days, the competition will be judged by a panel of local and international professionals. Prizes for runner-ups include a free recording and mixing for a single release at The Green Room Suites, while the eventual top prize winner will receive five "50% off" JARD2018 Workshop fee vouchers.

Concurrently, a multitude of live acts from all around the region will also be featured! They include a formidable jazz duo in the form Eugenia Yip (The Steve McQueens, Riot !n Magenta) and Joshua Wan, organ trio Aynsley Green Organ Transplant, soulful saxophonist Daniel Chia, Mandarin jazz standout Dawn Wong, and many more!

Sunny Trio & Natt Buntita, a wonderful band that infuses Thai traditional music into modern jazz harmony and rhythms, has also been invited to headline on the second day of the festival.

While immersing in the array of world-class jazz performances through the two days, you can also head over to The Jazz Market to enjoy food and drinks, or to shop for some merchandise from outlets such as The Analog Vault and Pendulumic Headphones.

As the jazz weekend awaits, get you tickets here now to check out We Love Jazz SG's efforts of exposing public to the jazz scene.