Super Japan festival launches at the Esplanade in May

Super Japan festival launches at the Esplanade in May

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Singapore (aka SJ50), the Esplanade will be hosting a festival entirely dedicated to the arts and traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun. Taking place this May, this 10-day programme ranges from the traditional to the contemporary, aiming to highlight the diversity of cultures unique to Japan's distinct prefectures.


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Super Japan - Japanese Festival of the Arts is headlined by a one-night only live concert featuring Harajuku pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who'll be kicking off her 5th Anniversary World Tour right here in Singapore! Other highlights include a return showcase for jazz-influenced post-rock virtuosos mouse on the keys, an evening of spectacular big-band jazz featuring the Blue Note Tokyo All-Star Jazz Orchestra led by Eric Miyashiro (featuring Nathan Hartono on guest vocals!), composer Haruka Nakamura's official Singapore debut, and an innovative shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese musical instrument) session with Hiromitsu Agatsuma.


Outside of musical performances, Singapore playwright Chong Tze Chien will also be teaming up with Japanese director Shigeki Nakano in the reinterpretation of the classic noh drama The Damask Drum in Drums while Himiko – Memories of the Sun Goddess promises epic Japanese storytelling through Japanese traditional and western music, kabuki and Japanese classical dance. Esteemed butoh dance company Sankai Juku also makes their returns to Esplanade with their latest production Meguri: Teeming Sea, Tranquil Land, while the Silhouette Theater Tsunobue shadow puppet troupe will be bringing a special interactive showing of a beloved Japanese fairy tale, Princess Kaguya.

Super Japan - Japanese Festival of the Arts takes place at the Esplanade from May 13 to May 22, and will feature 25 ticketed programmes and over 60 free shows. Click here for more details.