Super Ultra Mega Valentine's Day Playlist!

The history of Valentine's Day has more to do with hate, political advances, secrets and killing than candy hearts and overpriced dinners. But that's okay, we're glad Hallmark fixed that (thanks!) and now we can wear our hearts on our sleeves, the dying teddy bear making industry is saved and now there is a day where power ballads and Celine Dion is acceptable. Like a horse and carriage, romance and song is most synonymous so overcome by the power of love, we have collated the ultimate playlist for all sorts of music lovers out there. Love songs for everyone, even you metalheads! 

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The genre of pop has always been there for us. Britney Spears for secondary school hormones, Taylor Swift pretending to be awkward but sometimes nailing it, and boy bands for doing their jobs so well through the years. Without pop, there is no romance. 

Backstreet Boys / As Long As You Love Me
Justin Timberlake / Lovestoned 
Rihanna / We Found Love

Love is often awkward, strange and unexpected. So many questions, so much eloquent thoughts running through my head and so much feelings that I can somehow put into words so eloquently. Indie: the pop culture educated, well read, knows who Foucault is person’s diary in song(s).

Real Estate / It's Real
Here We Go Magic / How Do I Know
Stars / Through The Mines

Lots of distortion, droning riffs and a wall of sound is EXACTLY how love should sound like. Think of it as the period where everyone is coy and everything is sweet and awkward. So cute. Shyness is nice but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life that you'd like to so say it in song. 

Love/Comes / Reservoir Boys
My Bloody Valentine / Sometimes
The Meeting Places / On Our Own

We also got some post-rock love songs for you dreamy lovers out there who just want to lie down and watch the clouds pass by while listening to layers of reverb-y guitars and textured soundscapes. Although we don't recommend doing that these days 'cause it's the rainy season. 

Explosions In The Sky / The Only Moment We Were Alone
ANECHOIS / Secret Life
Immanu El / Panda

Geeks and nerds deserve love too guys, don't let our inability to openly express ourselves and our crippling insecurity complex fool you! If we can't communicate with saccharine words, then let us express our love through odd time signatures, irregular rhythm structures and sharp guitar melodies. 

This Town Needs Guns / If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Get Out Of Here
Toe / New Sentimentality
Prawn / Slaying A Paper Tiger

Derived from the German word 'volk', folk music literally means 'people's music'. Always about love (love for the country, other people etc.), the folk genre is where love songs were born. Thankfully nowadays they've dropped the stuffiness and flowery language and folk music can come in the form of the beautiful and angelic looking Johnny Flynn. 

Mumford & Sons / Sigh No More
Johnny Flynn / Churlish May
Angus & Julia / Just A Boy

You might not think that dissonant growling vocals, heavily distorted guitar rhythms and blast beats can be agents of love but whoaaa mama you'll be surprised by the songs we're offering. When metal fans mosh today, there won't be walls of death… there will be walls of LOVE. 

Killswitch Engage / Rose Of Sharyn
Converge / Heaven In Her Arms
Darkest Hour / With A Thousand Words to say but one

The term emo comes from the word emotional. Why emotional? Because of love dammit. Lyrics of heartbreak and longing notwithstanding, the alternating screaming and singing vocals, the loud/fast instrumentations are all about waxing poetry and romantic notions really. 

AFI / Silver And Cold
Hopesfall / The End Of An Era
Funeral For A Friend / Escape Artists Never Die

Sometimes love is so powerful and feelings are so strong that you need to have a genre called 'power ballads'. It is combination of explosions in the sky (not the band), silky mullets and singing with eyes closed and clenched fists. Go big or go home, buddy. 

Journey / Faithfully
Air Supply / Lost In Love
Bon Jovi / Always 

The most potent love songs in this playlist lies in this genre. Romancers, so much to learn from The Deele. "I only think of you on two occasions; that's day and night." BOOM MARRIAGE. As for Frank Ocean and his voice, BOOM PREGNANT. 

The Deele / Two Occasions
Frank Ocean / Thinkin Bout You
How To Dress Well / Talking To You

Rappers are not known for their sensitivity but sometimes love is complex okay. Being overly mushy is not cool sometimes and 'bad boys' are a legit thing. Besides, if they rap about you even if they call you derogatory names, it means that they love you right? Right? 

Das Racist / Girl
Tyler The Creator / She
Drake / Take Care

Electro pop love songs all feel like a year-long summer and holding hands all the time. Playful and serious at the same time, with sweet and often sincere, simple lyrics that make you feel tingly, it is like a super expensive Valentine's Day card (the ones that open with music) that is really well-written. 

Blackbird Blackbird / Happy With You
The Postal Service / Such Great Heights
Chvrches / Recover

No club bangers here, we want to keep it chill and sexy smooth today. Have some deep bass beats and some baby-making vibes for a night to remember. Sometimes a happy February 14th becomes a happy November 14th!

Burial + Four Tet / Nova
Mister Lies / Cleam
I Am David Sparkle / Jaded Afghan 

Everyone says jazz is the language of love. Which is quite true we say. Always keeping it classy, Jazz is the cool cat and smooth operator of all the genres. If yours is a serious, sophisticated love, choose jazz all the time. 

Chet Baker / My Funny Valentine
Glenn Miller / Moonlight Serenaide
Norah Jones / Come Away With Me

Text: Delfina Utomo & Ilyas Sholihyn