Syndicate takes over ArtScience Late for March

Syndicate takes over ArtScience Late for March

ArtScience Late has been a consistent platform for live music in a different space than your standard live music spots. In March, they're stepping up with an audio-visual experience with Singaporean music collective Syndicate.

Taking place on March 16th, Syndicate members Kiat (also the co-founder, in case you already didn't know), visual artist Brandon Tay, Rizman Putra and Safuan Johari (also the dynamic duo NADA) will take over the ArtScience Museum's Expression Gallery, where they will be performing their signature synthesis of beat-driven moody music with glacial, evocative visuals. 

Syndicate's live performance at ArtScience Late is part of their ongoing collaboration with i Light Marina Bay 2017 festival, featuring projection mapping on the facade of the futuristic building. Their performance is built upon the themes of the projection mapping artwork, titled Secret Galaxies.

"With inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Secret Galaxies transforms the exterior of the museum into a dynamic representation of the stars and planets above us," ArtScience explains.

Syndicate, featuring Kiat, Brandon Tay, Rizman Putra, and Safuan Johari, will happen on March 16th at 8pm. Free admission, but limited capacity so go early!

Watch a spotlight interview with Brandon Tay and Safuan Johari: