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Articles tagged as: Chugg Entertainment

Laneway Festival SG 2015 Special: The Playlist

With the Laneway announcements out a week ago, Laneway prep is well underway in the Bandwagon HQ. Why not join us in our pre-Laneway journey and ge... Read more »

Laneway Festival SG 2015 Special: Predictions

It is the time again. When Laneway rolls up to town again, bringing in a huge-ass lineup of our favourite buzz bands and top class indie acts fro... Read more »

Shelves x Wavves x Mum: Triple Billin' It at Zouk

Package bills for concerts usually have a recurring theme that makes sense to put certain bands together. Occasionally the odd show appears that wi... Read more »

Laneway 2013: The Report

Post festival syndrome affects 98% of the people who went for the Laneway Festival Singapore 2013 at the futuristic and um, lovely Gardens By The B... Read more »

Laneway 2013 Special: Of Monsters And Men

It seems like Iceland can do no wrong with all their music exports, and we have here for our final instalment of the Laneway Special, the magical... Read more »

Laneway 2013 Special: Real Estate

It’s very easy to talk to Martin Courtney of Real Estate. Barely five minutes into the interview, we’ve got so much from the principal songwriter... Read more »

Laneway 2013 Special: Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings was started in 2009 by Dylan Baldi, in his parents’ basement, along with other ‘fake bands’ he created. Not much is remembered of ... Read more »

Laneway 2013 Special: Predictions

We've been mucking around with Laneway predictions since June. Now that the Australia lineup is going to be released this week (for us to better ... Read more »

A Trip To The Radlands: Mystery Jets Live at Hard Rock Singapore

Friday finally came. I was very much looking forward to this gig after missing out on their first performance at Zouk in 2009. Having followed Th... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: Mystery Jets

When they return to our shores this time, it will be a new Mystery Jets we will see. Recently, the usually London-based band moved to Texas to wr... Read more »