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Articles tagged as: Home Club

Rebirth: A new beginning for Identité

Years ago when the idea for Identite was first crafted, it started out as a theory, concept, and a brand but it has now evolved to become somethi... Read more »

Baths and Beyond: Live at Home Club

  About ten minutes before he’s due to come on, Will Wiesenfeld sits knees hunched in at a corner in the member’s only area of dimly lit Home Cl... Read more »

Syndicate: Africa Hitech + Beat Invitational

Eclectic electronic act Africa Hitech will be coming down for a show this Saturday, in a joint collaboration between Syndicate, Home Club and Red... Read more »

Home Club 9th Anniversary: Dress to the Nines

Pioneers of the underground scene, Home Club is celebrating its 9th Anniversary with a dance party, quite appropriately. For many of us avid gig-... Read more »

Crafting an Identite: An Interview With Razi Razak

It was a cold rainy Tuesday afternoon when Delfina and I stepped into familiar confines of Home Club. Unlike other days when we’d normally find... Read more »

Blackin' Up at Home Club: Shabazz Palaces

The mission of Seattle-based rap group Shabazz Palaces is not to please or cater to existing tastes. It is meant to provoke; be it love or hate. ... Read more »

Shattering Glass Realms: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Live at Home Club

Here’s the thing about post-rock as an umbrella genre - it sounds pretty, it sounds grand and it sounds simple to construct. No singing necessary... Read more »

What Became Of These Likely Lads: Carl Barat & Co. at Home Club

    Three years after stepping out on stage for the last time as a full band they said, if there is one thing that has to be learnt from my r... Read more »

Holy Holy It's Wye Oak at Home Club

If you have a special guest like Wye Oak coming in to play, you need your special opening acts as well. You can count on The Sam Willows to kick... Read more »

Animal Instincts: Gold Panda Live at Home Club with Fauxe

For me, it’s the live electronic producers that seem more exciting to watch AND vibe to at the same time. They’re not much different from watchin... Read more »