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Articles tagged as: Hostess Entertainment

Enter Shikari, Still the Dance-Crazed Metalcore Weirdos We Love

In regards to the state of melodic and hard-hitting metalcore, aka the de-facto genre for misunderstood teens in the mid-00s and beyond, it has b... Read more »

All the Rage Back Home: An Interview with Interpol's Daniel Kessler

Even though few artists tend to acknowledge it, sophomore slumps are a real and threatening danger for many of them, especially those who made su... Read more »

Hostess Club Weekender Special: Interview with Perfume Genius

In the words of the once great Morrissey of The Smiths fame; "Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you / From doing the things in life that you'... Read more »

Hostess Club Weekender Special: The Report

Sans mob madness and chasing stages, it wasn't exactly a festival, just a weekend gig with a very solid line-up, one that we had been looking... Read more »

Hostess Club Weekender Special: Interview with Mogwai

Mogwai. The soundtrack of my life. Pretty big claim to make there but I'll stick to it. Staying relevant is quite a challenge for musicians and a l... Read more »

8 Top Gigs in the First Quarter of 2014

2013 was a great year for music in Singapore but we're really looking forward to 2014's slew of festivals, star studded concerts and more! Just tak... Read more »

Hostess Entertainment: A Giveaway!

You've gotta be living under a rock to not have heard about the Hostess Club Weekender happening on February 22 2014. Five acts, all worthy headl... Read more »