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Articles tagged as: La Dispute

Harder Harmonies: La Dispute Live In Singapore

You and I in UnisonBrandon Tanoto (False Plaintiff) Being able to play alongside one of our biggest influences in music was a dream we thought ... Read more »

Bandwagon x Spotify Singapore: Gig Picks June 2014

It's getting harder to keep track of the barrage of live music and choice gigs to attend these days, and that's why we've got our trusty gig find... Read more »

Rising Above The Noise: The History And Evolution Of Post-Hardcore

Have you seen the amazing things post-hardcore outfits have been doing for the genre today? In recent years, this new breed of bands have been ... Read more »

6 Gigs To Mosh At (April - June)

Moshing, is a style of dance where participants push and slam into each other. If this is your sort of thing, then the Singapore scene is the pla... Read more »