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100 Festival brings us back to school with a diverse line-up

100 Festival brings us back to school with a diverse line-up

1 location, 2 stages, 3 weekends of 100 acts – 100 Festival (previously known as 100 Bands) is returning this year once again with a bold list of 1... Read more »

Majulah Singapura: 100 Bands Festival

Yes it just happened: one hundred Singaporean bands in a live music extravaganza so large it had to be stretched across three weekends. At the en... Read more »

Bandwagon x Spotify Singapore: Gig Picks June 2014

It's getting harder to keep track of the barrage of live music and choice gigs to attend these days, and that's why we've got our trusty gig find... Read more »

100 Bands Festival: A Tribute To Singapore's Best

If one were to be dismayed about the lack of a local music scene here, one should look no further to our artistes page for the multitude of local a... Read more »

Rebirth: A new beginning for Identité

Years ago when the idea for Identite was first crafted, it started out as a theory, concept, and a brand but it has now evolved to become somethi... Read more »

Crafting an Identite: An Interview With Razi Razak

It was a cold rainy Tuesday afternoon when Delfina and I stepped into familiar confines of Home Club. Unlike other days when we’d normally find... Read more »