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Articles tagged as: Starcount

Singapore Social Day 2: Sweet Emotion with Aerosmith

“You better sing so loud that the windows of Marina Bay Sands are going to break!” When a rock legend like Steven Tyler commands you, of cours... Read more »

Singapore Social Day 1: Blush/Carly Rae Jepsen/PSY/Cee Lo Green

Singapore Social? What is that? Yeah I wasn’t so sure too at first. The good people at Starcount brought in a multitude of world-class acts to ... Read more »

Singapore Social 2013: The Ultimate Concert Weekend

The Ultimate Concert Weekend happens this week, and unless you're living under a rock you should already know that Starcount's Singapore Social 201... Read more »

Bandwagon Gig Picks: Singapore Social 2013

Yet another music festival comes to our town this year! Organized by global social media discovery engine Starcount, the 2-day concert marks the en... Read more »