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Articles tagged as: subshaman

Infinite Labyrinths: An Interview with sub:shaman

From where I was sitting, trying to figure out the combination to this three-digit lock, I watched 3/5 of sub:shaman fumble around in the dar... Read more »

Onsite at Offside: Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live

When Fred Perry announced the super special set by Ra Ra Riot, this event went on to be THE event to be at on Friday night, November 1. And once ... Read more »

Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live 2013

After the amazing musical extravaganza at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station last year that was the Fred Perry 60th Anniversary Party, the folks a... Read more »

Baybeats 2013: The Report

We spent three whole days at the scene, running between stages, planning out 'Who To Watch' lists everyday, being nice to people and making friends... Read more »

Baybeats 2013 Special: How Have You Been Preparing? (Part II)

We hope you enjoyed the first wave of answers by the Baybeats performing artists, but it only gets interesting. Here's Round 2, read on, you migh... Read more »

A Week with Steve Lillywhite

When asked about his week in Singapore, superproducer Steve Lillywhite said he was blown away by the four bands he had worked closely with and ad... Read more »