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Articles tagged as: Tenderfist

Laneway Festival SG 2016 Special: The Predictions

We're not gonna lie. Predicting the Laneway Festival line-up every year has undoubtedly one of the most fun things we can do. Shortlisting the band... Read more »

Urbanscapes 2012: The Report

Half impromptu, half planned, we were really excited to be part of the Media team for Urbanscapes 2012. This meant leaving Singapore and covering o... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: Tenderfist

The first time I watched Tenderfist, they started one of their songs with, "Does anyone have a shit job? This song is about shit jobs." They went... Read more »

The People's Party 2012: The Report

Southeast Asia is at the cusp of change. Some very big change. And Untitled Entertainment is spearheading this movement with The People’s Party. Af... Read more »