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Articles tagged as: the bandwagon

THE BANDWAGON to iLuminate: The Report

Imagining a party on a bus — with all its plush seats and narrow walkway splendour — would sound like a ridiculous pipe dream by the partygoer ... Read more »

Bandwagon Takes The Philippines: Tourists In Wanderland

    “Where’s the festival?” was heard several times as we alighted from the bus. A few ‘dressed-up’ cabs (lime green body with fluffy pick ea... Read more »

Bandwagon Takes the Philippines: The Festival Bus Rides Again

As die-hard music apologists and ministers of providing amazing experiences (we give ourselves too much credit, we know), we've always wanted to br... Read more »

The Return of THE BANDWAGON: Let's Go To Wanderland Festival!

THE BANDWAGON is on a return trip! After an adventure on the Genting highlands, we’ll be covering new territories this time to the Wanderland Fes... Read more »

The Bandwagon to Urbanscapes 2014: The Report

After years of conceptualisation and months of overnight preparations, it's safe to say THE BANDWAGON was... Read more »

The Bandwagon to Urbanscapes 2014: What's In Yo' Backpack?

Thanks to the lovely people at Bratpack, all the musicians and emcees are prepped with the best gear from the store. Whether it's a hardy backpack,... Read more »

The Bandwagon to Urbanscapes 2014: Meet the Musicians

The countdown to our trip to Urbanscapes continues as we are hard at work. We want to make sure THE BANDWAGON is as every bit of fun and exciting... Read more »

The Bandwagon to Urbanscapes 2014: Meet Our Emcees

We're only a month away from Urbanscapes and we're already busy picking what to wear on our trip. With the recent announcement of Kimbra and Jagwar... Read more »

The Bandwagon to Urbanscapes 2014: Build Your Own Playlist

As we were excited to present, The Bandwagon is your all-in-one pass to Urbanscapes 2014, happening at Genting this year. With just one price, ... Read more »

Road Trippin' to Urbanscapes with The Bandwagon

We’re sure you, as a music-loving Singaporean, have been immensely jealous of Malaysia for the past few years. With the inclusion of Future Music... Read more »