Talking About a Rock Revolution: Shirlyn and The UnXpected

We last saw them put on an explosive performance as openers to The Script. Yeah, they may be playing the pub circuit in Singapore, accompanying you through the night but Shirlyn and The UnXpected are definitely ready and prepared for the big stage as well. This time, we have them on Beer Market's new music series, Rock Revolution! Who would be a better fit for the theme but Shirlyn and The UnXpected, really. Capable of Metallica covers and full-on energetic shows, we chat with the talented band ahead of the launch.

Hi guys! How will you be involved with Rock Revolution?

Hi! We are on stage at Beer Market every Wednesday night, starting 12 June 2013! This is our first time working with them and we are looking forward to it. 

Can we expect some pretty loud songs in the setlist? We know you guys do a mean Metallica cover!

Well it's going to get good and loud when it needs to! Rock is a very large genre that stretches from soft rock ballads, catchy pop-rock, classic rock 70s, 80's, 90s, anthemic rock, heavy metal, punk... Oh the list is endless. We hope everybody is ready for the ride. And yes, some Metallica is on our repertoire. 

We recently saw you open for a huge crowd at The Script quite recently, how was that like?

We didn't realize what a huge turn out it was gonna be, the feeling of sound-check in an empty stadium vs a stadium full of screaming girls (and boys), day vs night! It was an experience we will never forget! If you watch the videos, we were literally grinning throughout the set! We were very grateful, indeed. 

You’ve been doing this music pub scene for a long time now, how do you keep it fresh?

Even though we are not a Top 40s band, our repertoire brings back a lot of memories for our fans who have grown with us over the years. We also enjoy introducing classics to the younger crowd, we do play some current stuff, we are very careful in our selection cos we want songs we enjoy playing and I think it is important to enjoy what we play and in turn the crowd feels the positive energy from us and gives us back the energy, this creates a happy cycle. Our random, unplanned crowd banter is a way for us to reach out to the crowd and connect with them. We wanna make the connection early in the show so they will be comfortable enough to stay the whole gig! Since we always have new people coming to our gigs (because people bring friends to see us) the banter is always fresh!

Any funny stories from the years?

Way too many funnies, over the years we have accidentally created "original birthday songs" where we challenge Simon to sing a birthday song in a fresh way differently from the traditional tune. Brandon, who does a really accurate Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, sometimes takes over. I was in tears the first time he did it! As you can see, we take our band name seriously. Everything pretty much happens spontaneously.

One time recently there was a guy sitting on the subs next to the stage so I dubbed him our back up dancer, cos if he stood on the subs he kinda looked like part of the band! He was a great sport and danced through one song. We had a great time! 

Pre-show rituals?

Battery check. Always check if we have necessary batteries, make sure every amp/monitor is in working order, over the years we have become more aware of how to take care of our bodies because our gig is so physically demanding, so each of us have our own little warm up exercises pre-gig, exciting things huh? Personally if I have practiced a Bikram Yoga class pre-gig I'm always super energized. 

The Singapore audience is perpetually being labelled ‘stiff and inexpressive’, what do you think?

I think it is unfair to label so generally, we have had epic nights where people really let their hair down and party hard! I think perhaps Singapore audience needs a good warm up, they will be ready to go!!! Judging by the deafening screams we heard at The Script and recently Tegan and Sara, I would say it's the opposite! I think Singapore audience will rise up and go crazier if they want to!

What are your Top 3 favourite rock songs?

Only 3? I have a long list!

"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen 
"Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin
"Green Tinted Sixties Mind" - Mr Big

What can people expect from the Rock Revolution shows?

Expect to have fun! Expect to sing along! Expect to cry during the ballads! (hehe) Expect to hear songs you don't normally listen to! Expect to fall in love with these songs!

Shirlyn and The UnXpected: I hope you guys actually put these songs to the test! Let me know how they make you feel!

To belt out in the shower: "Give It Away" by RHCP
GO AHEAD AND BELT IT OUT, BABY! No need to be pitch perfect! 

When you are angry: "Chop Suey" by System of a Down 
You can measure your blood pressure while testing this out.

For a power run: "Warheads" by Extreme
The intro to the song is a very important part to getting psyched up for this song, go ahead and run, jump over obstacles, FLY!

Preparing for a date: "Back in Black" by AC/DC  
It will give you instant swag ala Robert Downey Jr.

Hanging out with friends: "Living on The Edge" by Aerosmith
Because your friends will be the ones ready to do crazy things with you!

A roadtrip: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen
Just imagine driving down the highway with this song...

Supermarket shopping: "Buddy Holly" by Weezer
Please try this out, get your hands on a shopping cart! it will make you BUY BUY BUY without thinking!

Stuck in a jam: "Learning to Live" by Dream Theater
Besides the fact that it's melodic and majestic, it's a song about life, and when one is stuck in a jam one always reflects about life. ;-))

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