Tanya Markova share comedic 'Iglap' music video – watch

Tanya Markova share comedic 'Iglap' music video – watch

How far will you go if your paintings can come to life?

Following the release of their latest single in August, Tanya Markova have delivered the music video for 'Iglap.' The comedic visual, directed by Julius Tan, follows a lonely artist whose life suddenly changes when he discovers whatever he paints comes to life.

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Tanya Markova talk new single 'Iglap,' signing with Tower of Doom: "It's not a dark tower, and we are not doomed"

Vocalist Norma Love tells Bandwagon about the track, "Our current single 'Iglap' is about someone who is mending a broken heart and trying to be okay even if he or she was hurt by someone who played with his or her feelings. We are trying to convey the feelings of a person who trusted someone, but was given false hope."

Watch the video below.