Taylor Swift makes TikTok debut: "lots going on at the moment"

Taylor Swift makes TikTok debut: "lots going on at the moment"

Taylor Swift is finally on TikTok!

The 'willow' singer-songwriter made her debut on the short-form video sharing platform on Monday (08/23). She shared a clip of her lip syncing to 'Screwface Capital' by British rapper Dave, as she runs through the release dates of her latest offerings folklore, evermore, Fearless (Taylor's Version), and ending with Red (Taylor's Version), which will drop on November 19 (Friday).

Along with announcing her arrival to TikTok, Swift also revealed that Red (Taylor's Version) will be pressed on vinyl and is now available for pre-order.

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#swifttok now is where it's at as Swifties flock to their queen, racking in over 1 billion video views on 181,000 video creations (and counting).

The tag is packed with fans celebrating the GRAMMY Award winner's TikTok debut and of course a bunch of clips of Swifties lip syncing, dancing, and covering her music. In fact, the Taylor's Version of 'Love Story' even recently trended on the app, after months of the song's release.


Lots going on at the moment: Red (my version) vinyl is up for presale on my site and oh I’m on tiktok now let the games begin 😺 ##SwiftTok

♬ original sound - Taylor Swift

Prior to her TikTok debut, #AllTooWellTaylorsVersion#AllTooWell, and #imacrumpleduppieceofpaper trended on Twitter for hours, teasing the release of the 10-minute version of 'All Too Well'. To the dismay of many, the song has yet to be unveiled.

Watch the 'willow' music video below.

Check out evermore below.

Pre-order all things Taylor Swift and Red (Taylor's Version) here.