Tegan & Sara Live In Singapore: A Two-Pronged Heartthrob

And a tip of the hat to the sensational Canadian twin sisters Tegan & Sara for being the proof positive to the adage that, two heads are indeed better than one.

While many others weren’t too fond of the duo’s latest release Heartthrob, and were probably even more disappointed when the siblings played ALL 10 SONGS off that record -- the twins made up for it with one of the most creative and unanticipated encores ever and a near flawless performance that reminded us of how we all fell so deeply in love with these two sweethearts in the first place.

You know the fans love the pair too much anyway - judging from the heap loads of generous fan mail/presents they prepared for the lasses – which prompted Tegan to mention that they’d become “spoiled like Guns N’ Roses” in no time. HAHAHAHHA.

To start off, we all know how the synth-pop filled Heartthrob seemed like a massive turn for the Quin sisters, who kicked off their career with a repertoire of mostly acoustic folk tunes but trust me – in the context of a live show, it all starts to make sense.

With the aid of epileptic strobe lighting and funky visual projections, notable numbers like “Goodbye, Goodbye” and “Closer” will awaken your ears to a side of the 2013 full length that you’ve never heard nor experienced before.

The nearly 2 hours set that fans at the ever-familiar Esplanade Concert Hall were graciously treated to saw Tegan & Sara juxtaposing their older hits like “Walking With A Ghost”, “Alligator” and “Back In Your Head”.

But the reverberating boom of cheers, chants and confessions of “I love you Tegan!” and “Marry me Sara!” were summoned when the Canadians segued into trademark hits “Call It Off” and “Nineteen” in the encore.

However, I guess the one thing that made this show such a personal and dear one was how Tegan & Sara managed to connect so seamlessly with the audience --taking the time and effort to engage in cheerful banters, take selfies, crack witty jokes and expressing their sincere thanks to us for being such wonderful company.

And as a gift to the disheartened fans that weren’t able to hear their favourite tunes that night, the thoughtful twins sang a medley of some of their older tracks alongside an acoustic guitar and a refreshing projection of flying bird silhouettes on the background (hmmm, talk about setting the vibe…)

Well I guess it’s entirely safe to say that this could be one of the most memorable acts of 2013 and that no matter how big or small the crowd is, these ladies are more than worth your while to catch live in a year from now, as promised. Superstars indeed.

I’m still pretty bummed they didn’t play “Hell”, “Northshore” or the sexily addictive “Bodywork”, oh well.