The Analog Girl's 'What You Are Showing Me Is A Fantasy' gets an ominous remix from .gif's beatsmith din — premiere

The Analog Girl's 'What You Are Showing Me Is A Fantasy' gets an ominous remix from .gif's beatsmith din — premiere

After an extended five-year hiatus, acclaimed lo-fi bedroom producer The Analog Girl made her triumphant return earlier this year a fresh full-length album called Golden Sugar Crystals.

Anchored by lead track 'What You Are Showing Me Is A Fantasy', her new LP certainly presented a brighter shade to The Analog Girl's usually gloomy sonic palette.

But as light and hopeful as that was, this new remix for The Analog Girl's latest single is going back down a dark and ominous path thanks to this amazing four-to-the-floor remix by Singaporean beatsmith din.

While most may know him from his high-profile .gif project (a team-up with weish), din has also been cutting his teeth as a fledging techno DJ and producer on the side. He even crafted an incredible Bandwagon Mix for us last year.

"Even though I haven’t yet experienced them firsthand, I caught wind of din’s sporadic DJ nights and have since been keenly awaiting the release of his solo work," The Analog Girl reveals. "So for this extremely selfish reason, I asked for this remix to happen.”

Dubbed the 'Monolith Remix', din draws upon his tenebrous techno leanings for his thick and pulsating take on the song.

"I really like the harpsichord (I think) sound that comes in midway through the song, so I found myself looping it throughout the track. I also really loved the bass progression in the original — I found it really hypnotising and wanted to highlight it in my remix," din explains.

"What stood out for me was how naturally the bass line sat in the track and how I didn’t realise that it was playing in the first place. In this remix, the harpsichord first takes centrestage while the bass creeps up on and slowly overwhelms the listener."

'What You Are Showing Me Is a Fantasy (din's Monolith Remix)' is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. But you can also watch the hypnotic music video below.