The Bandwagon Sessions #7: Nathan Hartono

We're taking the streets this time! In Season 2 of the Bandwagon Sessions, we hit the outdoors with the our bands and artists. Where in Season 1, we kept to the vicinity of our office HQ, we decided on a breath of fresh air, quite literally, for this one. So look out for familiar streets and landmarks in the background, we wanted to go as public as we could with the music this time, part takeaway show, part STB promotional video (jokes). And if you have chanced upon us while filming in the streets, here's the final product! 

Watch the first two instalments:

After exploring the streets of Kallang with Gentle Bones and Chinatown with ANECHOIS, we thought it would only seem fit to film this instalment in one of our favourite places in Singapore: Little India. We've got the breezy, pop-infused stylings of Nathan Hartono as he took his music down the shophouses along Tekka Centre. Just him, an acoustic guitar and many curious onlookers.