The Bandwagon Sessions #9: Pleasantry

We're taking the streets this time! In Season 2 of the Bandwagon Sessions, we hit the outdoors with the our bands and artists. Where in Season 1, we kept to the vicinity of our office HQ, we decided on a breath of fresh air, quite literally, for this one. So look out for familiar streets and landmarks in the background, we wanted to go as public as we could with the music this time, part takeaway show, part STB promotional video (jokes). And if you have chanced upon us while filming in the streets, here's the final product! 


We decided to take things a bit quieter this time. Instead of the bustling streets of Little India or the vibrant setting of Chinatown, we moved over to the serene and scenic area of Ann Siang Hill. We had no qualms once we were there and we invited Pleasantry to bring their intricately melodic brand of indie pop to Ann Siang's meditative environment. 

Pleasantry will also be performing on THE BANDWAGON as part of our fun-packed road trip to Urbanscapes 2014. Get your tickets here!

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