The Bandwagon to Urbanscapes 2014: What's In Yo' Backpack?

Thanks to the lovely people at Bratpack, all the musicians and emcees are prepped with the best gear from the store. Whether it's a hardy backpack, or some festival-fit shoes, the gang who will be on THE BANDWAGON definitely found something that they will be bringing up to the cool climate at the highlands for Urbanscapes 2014. We take a peek into the zany things that they will be packing:

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Weish & Din, .gif

Weish: Always important to be armed around the likes of Juhardi and Ariff. Gotta pack lil bug along too because I couldn't find anyone to feed her while I'm away.

Din: No, that's not Twilight.

Ariff, Pleasantry

I'm packing only my cat in the bag and bringing a guitar for the live session. 

Juhardi, Bandwagon/DUNCE.

As a voracious reader, I have packed several types of reading material: a magazine, an indie graphic novel which is pretty dark and heavy in content and weight, and one on Consciousness to enlighten my mind. I’ll be packing them in my sturdy Herschel backpack which also has space for some garments of my liking, and a trusty shovel. What for? Just PM me~

Hidzir, DUNCE.

There's my Bill Murray hoodie to keep me warm in the highlands plus my Rowdy Roddy Piper tee to sleep in (because he makes me feel safe). I'm also bringing along my RAEN aviator shades, a pack of Pocky Panda (which I'm going to pretend is a hot new collab between Pocky and Hello Panda) and my dear iPod Classic. And lastly I can't travel without reading material, so I'm bringing along Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (a fictional novel about two Golden Age comic book writers) and Paolo Parisi's Coltrane (a non-fictional comic book about jazz legend John Coltrane). Thanks to the kind folks at Bratpack for the Hershel Rust Knit bag! I love it! 

Adin, Stopgap

So I’m bringing along my laptop because I’ve got a f#ckton of essays/homework and I’m probably gonna have to get some of it done during the trip. My camera (signed by Sean from Last Dinosaurs because I’m a fanboy) because who knows, maybe I could take some nice photos. An airhorn to annoy people/rape whistle/use at the festival. Comfy jeans, sweater and wallet (thank you Bratpack) because I lost my old one on top of my drummer’s car. Boots because mud, water and mud. Also comfy T-shirt from Bratpack (yay).