The Great Singapore Replay is set in motion to rework Singaporean classics

The Great Singapore Replay is set in motion to rework Singaporean classics

Out of a list of 25 beloved Singaporean tunes, members of the public had the opportunity to pick a beloved song reworked by contemporary musicians.

Successfully tallying close to 16,000 votes, the 10 songs for Pop-Up Noise: The Great Singapore Replay (TGSR) were finally chosen for the 10 pairs of Singaporean artists to remake and reinterpret.

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Here are the selected songs and the pairs assigned to each classic:

Song Artist Pairings

'You're The Boy'
By Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings

Theodora & Ginny Bloop

By Gingerbread

Umar Sirhan & Dru Chen

By The Quests

.gif & Vandetta

'Circling Square'
By Humpback Oak

Joie Tan & Sara Wee

'Girl From Katong'
By Serenaide

Shak’thiya & Charlie Lim

By Concave Scream

Jasmine Sokko & Amanda Ling

By Kick!

Spacedays & Eddino

By Force Vomit

The Betts & Joshua Tan

'The Mad Chinaman'
By Dick Lee


'Come Home To Me'
By Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings

Debbi Koh & iNCH

Adding on to the initiative, Temasek and the National Arts Council (NAC) are inviting all aspiring musicians aged 35 and below to submit a cover of any local classic hit in Singapore’s four official languages – English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

This Open Call begins now till August 7th. While all participants will be given an opportunity to attend a Stage Performance Workshop conducted by Tim De Cotta on August 26th, three participants will stand a chance to win cash prizes, and the winner of this segment will even gain an opportunity to perform their own rendition at the finale live concert on September 9th.

In order to join this Open Call, applicants have to record and publish their cover of their “favourite Singapore hit released between the 1960s and 2000s” on YouTube.

“TGSR is about the rediscovery of Singapore’s rich musical heritage by connecting younger generations with the music of years gone by,” said the Assistant Chief Executive Officer of NAC Kenneth Kwok.

“Through this Open Call, we also hope to inspire the wider public to be actively involved in celebrating all the wonderful made-in-Singapore music that we have across different genres, languages and generations.”

For more information on this Open Call, head over to their website here.

Meanwhile, watch the first episode of the ongoing web series documenting the Great Singapore Replay process: