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The Projector pays tribute to Prince with Purple Rain screenings

The Projector pays tribute to Prince with Purple Rain screenings

Most of us have probably never met him, and yet for so many he's played an inexplicably large and intimate part in our lives. Beyond the platinum records and innumerable accolades, Prince was an icon whose legacy will continue to inspire for years to come. 

With his passing comes an odd feeling of loss akin to losing a loved one, and for those seeking closure (or perhaps one last hurrah to celebrate the late great), independent theater The Projector will be screening 1984 rock drama film Purple Rain, which features Prince playing semi-biographical character "The Kid". 

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Showing on the 18th and 25th of this month at 8.30pm, The Projector encourages all audience members to come dressed in garb befitting of the man we are gathering to honor. So as The Projector appropriately writes "Join us as we collectively ignore the toxicology reports, don our most royal frilly blouses (Chapelle reference) and raise our lighters to one of the most iconic music films with the beloved Prince."

Hit "Going" on the event page here or go right ahead and purchase your tickets from The Projector website here.

Watch the original trailer for Purple Rain 


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