Things You Should Be Typing Into YouTube

When it is rainy or foggy or too hot outside and all you have is a lot of time and good Internet connection, you spend it all on YouTube (and reddit, and Cracked, and Buzzfeed, and so on and so forth), it is only right. YouTube; it is where the parallax of the universe collides, it can be the absolute time-waster but also highly educational, you get good stuff and there are times you cannot even comprehend how you got there and what you are watching, it can make you laugh or cry, sometimes both. You can always rely on YouTube for information on difficult guitar tutorials, How To Express Your Feelings, Beyonce falling down, an existential rant on Where's Wally/Waldo, how to make matcha ice cream... by a dog called Francis - need a video on something, anything? YOUTUBE. 

Here are some things we enjoy immensely on YouTube and would like to share generously with the general public. We hope you like it too. (Make sure you click on all the links for the full experience)


I caught on to this pretty late with Daft Punk x Pharrell William's "Get Lucky" and man, was there a lot to catch up on or what. The concept of "shreds" is simple. Take a video of a performance, cut out the audio and replace it with new audio that is in-sync with lip movements and instruments. For instance, if a music video features a guy playing an unplugged electric guitar, yes, what you hear is the strumming of an unplugged electric guitar. So simple, but so hilarious. 

"me singing..."

Only if you have a lot of time on your hands, you could try typing in "me singing" followed by a song  and it will open doors to (sometimes) talented people singing to their favourite songs or a bank of tragic covers. The rules of "me singing" is so simple, you don't even have to play an instrument, just sing any song sans music or if you wish, to the backing track of the actual song. Also, it usually features the singer doing a "Hey my name is ____ and I'm going to sing ____" + a bit on how much and why they love the song. See, it's so easy. Even I could do it, or you. Do it. We'll feature it on Bandwagon. 

Although it looks a little stressful: 

Schmoyoho/The Gregory Brothers

Genius. Nothing is safe from The Gregory Brothers. Real interviews, absurd ads, dating site videos, a burger review on YouTube - everything they remix becomes 10x better than the original. We had to come out with a playlist for you. 

Bad Lip Reading

In the vein of both Shreds and Schmoyoho, Bad Lip Reading takes out all the original audio and replaces it with what seems to be said and weave it all into an original song that actually sounds legit. They've also ventured out to 'covering' popular TV shows, films, political debates and the entire Twilight series

Music Videos Without Music

You know how sometimes you feel like watching music videos without having to listen to the song?  No? Nobody has felt that way before? Nonetheless, YouTube has made it easier for you. Something like Shreds, you take all the original audio out and you only add a little bit in. It's just like those cute quiet French/foreign language films. It's exactly like that. 

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