This Singaporean is making waves with his black metal-inspired Biryani

This Singaporean is making waves with his black metal-inspired Biryani

There's no better combination than good music and food and one Singaporean has been making waves around town with his black metal inspired biryani. 

First reported by Munchies, the news of Ahmad Zahid, also known as Global Mat Soul Kitchen and his endeavors have been spreading like wildfire and for good reason. Global Mat Soul Kitchen's "hobby" has been drawing in people from all over the country, every one of them eager to get a taste of his special black metal-inspired dish. With names such as 'Mutton Biryani of Doom' and more, Zahid playfully sprinkles the grim themes of metal that we have grown to love into each dish's title. 

Running the business through a private Instagram account, the entire fun in the business is in how exclusive it all is. First, you have to get your follow request approved. Then you have to keep a keen eye out for details on when the next batch of biryani will be available. Users then place their orders though the Whatsapp number provided on the page. It's a first come, firstserve situation and the batch typically sells out within minutes. The lucky few to have their orders processed in time will then be given the details for collection. 

The entire cooking process takes hours and is done by Zahid alone while he blasts metal and other genres such as Lebanese pop and old school Malay hits. Despite being a staunch Muslim, the passion and pride that Norwegian death metal bands carry inspired the local chef on a daily basis to embark on this endeavour. 

Give him a follow and join in on the fun. If you've had the pleasure of tasting his death metal-inspired meals, let us know what you thought of it and the entire process in the comments.