Tribal Gathering Of The Tongue Tasters: Randolf Arriola x Sanity Obscure

We're all pretty familiar with the concept of the Tribal Gathering of Tongue Tasters curated by Bani Haykal, where the unfamiliar and unpredictable are explored. This month's session is no different as metal band Sanity Obscure will collaborate with master guitar looper Randolf Arriola to bring you a night of musical experimentation at The Substation. 

Sanity Obscure

Heavy metal stalwarts Sanity Obscure was formed back in early 2008, with a current lineup consisting of vocalist Cider, guitarist KING J05H0!?, drummer F4V5T and bassist Pain.

The band has released an EP and a full-length record, working with notable musicians such as Bruce Lamont (of Yakuza), Kevin Hufnagel (or Gorguts) and producers such as Colin Marston (Behold… The Arctopus) and local veteran Leonard Soosay. They've also performed with acts such as Wormrot, Absence of the Sacred, Fallen World and others.

Their latest album Subterranean Constellation expands on their previous sound with an incorporation of various elements, styles and influences of metal music. 

Randolf Arriola

Randolf Arriola's specialty lies in Live Looping, a unique music-making and performance concept and method where he creates and processes loops of sound with his voice and guitar and layers them into fractals of improvisations that build, deconstruct and evolve into intricate soundscapes of improvisations morphing into compositions aptly described as a musical form of Origami.

He has travelled extensively and performed at many international events, bringing his brand of music to places beyond Singapore. Randolf’s music is the sonic amalgamation of moods, textures and harmonic vocabularies that embrace and expand beyond eras, cultures and geography. Sounds and songs are dreamed up, formed and performed from strings of thoughts, intentions and imagination that form a kind of sonic fabric of the familiar and obscure, simple to complex, minimal to dense, all interweaved with his own creative intentions and interactions with moment, space and circumstance.

Tribal Gathering Of Tongue Tasters
August 3 | 8PM
The Substation