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Villes detail new album, rope in THELIONCITYBOY for 'The Fear Generation' — watch

Villes detail new album, rope in THELIONCITYBOY for 'The Fear Generation' — watch

For those of us who can remember, the fusion of rap and rock music was either a blistering ride or an ungodly creation — depending on who you asked.

While the era of nu-metal has long gone, it hasn't stopped bands from tinkering with the formula. The latest? Metalcore band Villes, who are currently prepping the release of their debut album, The Cure.

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On the album, guitarist/vocalist Bryan Ulric Sta Maria explains:

The Cure, which symbolises a breakaway from society’s standards. People believe are held captive to rules set by others. The Cure hopes to inculcate courage, by letting people know that they can do what they want in their lives without the fear of losing out.”

On 'The Fear Generation', their second single off The Cure after 'Don't You Worry', the band invites rapper THELIONCITYBOY to drop a few bars with his moshpit posse (and the band) raging behind.

Check out the album art and tracklist at the bottom for The Cure, which is set for a release in May.

For now, watch the full music video 'The Fear Generation' here:

1. Bound

2. The Cure

3. The Fear Generation (feat. THELIONCITYBOY)

4. The Other Side (feat. Luke of Ocean Grove)

5. Stage 4

6. The Levy Pt.2

7. Don't You Worry

8. Step Down (feat. Ryo of Crystal Lake)

9. City Of Gold [Remixed & Remastered]

10. Farewell

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