Volunteer as Tribute: A Hunger Games Giveaway

The Hunger Games season returns! It's a lot grittier now, beyond the sugar-coated oppression of Panem, and of course we're pretty stoked to see our favourite queen of the teen post-apocalyptic genre, Jennifer Lawrence in action. Besides the onscreen awesomeness, have you checked out the Mockingjay Part I OST? 

Hyped as one of the most thrilling soundtracks for a blockbuster film series, we get quite an array of sounds in Mockingjay. Curated by a certain queen bee, it showcases collaborations that span the pop landscape, from Haim to Ariana Grande and Major Lazer, it is quite the empowering track list that complements the film well. 

Volunteer yourself as tribute for this exclusive Hunger Games giveaway, thanks to Universal Music Singapore. We have 3 sets of Mockingjay earphones, bracelets and earrings up for grabs, just follow these simple steps and we promise we won't send any tracker jackers your way! May the odds be ever in your favour. 

(You must be in Singapore to take part in the contest)

How To Win

1. Follow @bandwagonapp and @universalmusg on Instagram.
2. Regram this picture on our Instagram and answer the question in your caption.
3. Use the #BWsohunger so we can find you! 

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