VONDA7's Decompression EP: A track-by-track guide

VONDA7's Decompression EP: A track-by-track guide

From the very start of the year, many observers from within the house and techno community were confidently tipping Berlin-based producer VONDA7 as one of the names to look out for in 2017.

With stellar releases on Einmusika, Kraftek, Lost & Found, Suara and Save Us Records under her belt - the talented redhead was already proving to be in-demand as a DJ all across Europe.

Many who caught on from the ground floor knew she was destined for big things, and as it turns out, one of her biggest early supporters just so happened to be Welsh house legend Sasha.

Signed to his highly-regarded Last Night On Earth imprint, VONDA7's profile seemingly went from promising prospect to underground darling overnight. Hype was high for her newest EP Decompression, but amazingly enough, VONDA7 may have actually exceeded all expectations.

Showcasing her knack for traversing the grey area between deep house and techno, VONDA7's latest document runs a gamut of spectrums, all tied together by her melodic style and Detroit techno soul.

Crafted with an enviable analogue set-up and cutting-edge digital technology (the girl sure knows her gear), Decompression is one of her finest statements to date, working wonders on headphones or on peak-time floors.

Ahead of her Singapore debut at Headquarters by The Council this Saturday, 4 March, we were happy to invite the Polish-born DJ and producer to break down her critically-acclaimed LNOE release for us.


"'Decompression' is a driving, hypnotic, melodic track which fits in my DJ sets pretty well. I made that track fairly quickly. As soon as I had that heavy groove going the rest followed right away. The synth lines that appears in the track is my Little Phatty Moog Stage II, it was my first synth I have ever bought and I still love it. The melody came up instantly after the groove was there and I arranged the track in one day.

I wanted all elements to sound as organic and warm as possible, I processed them through FATSO Sr, Eventide Space Reverb and Roland Space Echo. I took another week to tweak things and add extra effects, I had a good feeling about this track from the start and I am very happy it got released."


'Don’t Hesitate' came out as an effect of playing around with a new Diffuse plugin I got from Native Instruments. I was cutting the vocal snippets and making them into vocal collages which I really like. For the Detroit sounding chords I used my favourite synth of all times, which I am also a very proud owner of, Prophet 6 (David Smith Instruments). I think this track represents my love for bringing together the old and the new, it has a bit of that old-school vibe to it but at the same time it feels very fresh and current."


"I made 'Away' in the summer, it has this warm flowing rhythm to it, perfect for outdoors parties or listening at home. The vocal was a crucial part in this track, the lyrics send quite a strong message to which I could relate to at that time. Again, I like cutting and processing the vocals and make them into a completely new element of the song. I think I got the build-up quite right here cause it still gives me goosebumps when the beats kicks in after the main break."