WATCH: Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews #004 - Arca, Adele

WATCH: Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews #004 - Arca, Adele

Every week, our editors take a moment to step out from of their desk and on to the camera to talk about some of the most exciting record releases out right now in our brand new video series! Welcome to Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews!

It's the fourth episode of Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews, and we're just settling in! This week, we get pretty in-depth into two very different LPs and we have just as much to say about each. But besides all that fluff, the real star of this installment is Daniel's shirt-scarf! A breezy cross between fashion statement (he's pretty cool) and functionality (the office is pretty cold), this trend looks set to take over the catwalks in 2016.

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In this episode of Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews, we talk about Arca's most sonically-challenging work yet - Mutant, and Adele's record-shattering new LP - 25.

And if you disagree or agree with any of our opinions (art is subjective after all), we'd love to hear from you in the comments section too. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy!