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WATCH: An explosive full set by FAUXE x Mediocre Haircut Crew

WATCH: An explosive full set by FAUXE x Mediocre Haircut Crew

On the Bandwagon Riverboat, we carefully curated a lineup of Singaporean acts that especially amazed us in the good year of 2015.

As with the hip-hop trio Mediocre Haircut Crew, they're a prime example of embracing the best of hip-hop's golden age while rooting themselves in the present. Their jubilant and creative bars are fully matched by their carefree and, at times, audacious personalities. In a live setting, these guys truly shine. 

The trio has been nurturing a fruitful relationship with producer FAUXE, who has had the reputation for constantly exploring and experimenting in different territories. Their creative ignition is infectious, and we just couldn't pass up having both of them perform together on the Bandwagon Riverboat.

We knew we had to document the moment so we sought to capture as much as we could.

Here's their full set on the Bandwagon Riverboat. Enjoy!


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