WATCH: J Rocc talks sampling, LA’s beat scene, FlyLo’s internship at Stones Throw & lots more on LUSH 99.5 FM

For those who weren’t at Gem Bar on 28 August 2015 — you missed out, son! The legend himself, J Rocc, tore the roof off the joint with a masterclass three-hour hip-hop set that we’re still reeling from, a full two months later.

But before his epic showcase, the Beat Junkies vet dropped by Lush 99.5FM to talk to radio’s sexiest voice, Elias Soh, about all things hip-hop. And if you missed it live on air, well no worries, because we have the highlights right here. And boy, what a conversation it was!

It’s pretty delightful to see two guys who clearly know their music, nerd out about sampling, the LA beat scene, Low End Theory and Stones Throw Records. Here, J Rocc shares meaty anecdotes about appearing on Red Bull Music Academy's video game music documentary Digging In The Carts, trying to sample Barbra Streisand for Secondhand Sureshots, a young Flying Lotus being overlooked as a Dilla facsimile, Kutmah’s early Sketchbook nights, and lots more!

J ROCC is currently signed to Stones Throw Records. You can follow Lush 99.5FM on Facebook.