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WATCH: Linying premieres a haunting, ethereal music video for 'Paris 12'

WATCH: Linying premieres a haunting, ethereal music video for 'Paris 12'

Hot off a USA Today premiere of her stunning new single 'Paris 12' last night, surging Singaporean songstress Linying has just dropped a gorgeous music video to accompany her stirring and earnest track. 

Directed by Tan Yan Long, the song's visuals are similarly brooding and contemplative. The simple yet deeply affecting video frames the young singer-songwriter against a dark and smoky corner of a nondescript wall as projections of (what appears to be) home video footage of a long-ago trip to Paris is projected onto her.

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This longing beaut is the third single off the Universal Music Singapore signee's forthcoming EP, also named Paris 12 (forthcoming on 30th September) - and may also be strongest and most resonant of her recent releases.

As she explains to Bandwagon, "Paris 12 is in many ways an emotional map. My own cartography of feeling and experience. I wanted the record to be a confessional one, framed in especially esoteric terms, to see how much more universally the messages could be translated.”

You can pre-order Paris 12 here or stream it. In the meantime, you can also watch the music video for 'Paris 12' below.

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