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WATCH: ShiGGa Shay returns with party trap anthem 'In My Hand'

WATCH: ShiGGa Shay returns with party trap anthem 'In My Hand'

Grizzle Grind Crew captain ShiGGa Shay is undoubtedly one of the local hip-hop scene's biggest mainstream crossover success stories, and the rapper is set to get even more popular with his new trap direction.

Recorded as part of the Martell NCF launch campaign, the Singaporean MC returns with a fresh single called ‘In My Hand’. The dancefloor-friendly banger is designed as a club anthem, featuring a rambunctious beat and lyrics that are easy to chant along to. 

As ShiGGa Shay explains, “In My Hand is a song I want party people to get turnt up and dance to. It’s a club banger that I made to let people have a good time. The song talks about people looking for the light in their lives. When they listen to this song, I want them to feel like they could be better."

The track is produced and mixed by fellow Grizzle Grind Crew member Shorya Sharma and co-produced by AOR Studios' KF. The song can be streamed via Spotify, or you can watch its slick music video below.

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