WATCH: The Summer State shifts gear with summery pop-rock anthem, 'Enough'

WATCH: The Summer State shifts gear with summery pop-rock anthem, 'Enough'

It's officially summer folks. Long scorching days and short sleepless (for whatever it is you get up to) nights.

And so what if we're in a tropical country? No we haven't got seasons per se, but that doesn't mean we can't get into the groove of things. And we've got an inkling The Summer State would concur. 

Heralding in the hottest time of year with a summery new single, The Summer State claims that the release of their latest music video for "Enough" "marks a brand new chapter of The Summer State."

Dealing with inner demons, the band wrote how this single "is about trying to live up to the expectations of someone else," which is "something [they've] experienced in both [their] personal lives and as a band."

In the video, lead singer Bryan Ulric Santa Maria throws down the gauntlet smack dab on the heads of all your unreasonable, near intolerable exes.

Delivering biting lyrics while looking at you right between the eyes, we have no doubt of Maria's sincerity when he sings "I'm not a boy to be messed with, soon you're gonna regret this."

So trust that The Summer State have got you covered for the impending demise of your summer fling, but if you require further assurance, catch The Summer State live this Saturday at the Esplanade's Baybeats Festival. Check out the full Baybeats line up here.

Watch The Summer State's 'Enough':