WATCH: Wobology opens your 'Kaleidoscopic Mind'

WATCH: Wobology opens your 'Kaleidoscopic Mind'

Late last year, Wobology finally released their long-awaited EP entitled The Study of Vibration. Colourful and vibrant, their debut offering was an uncanny blend of dub, reggae and jungle, strained through the band's delightfully psychedelic prism.

As we reported, their EP was also launched to a packed crowd atop Emily Hill's kult kafe. The entire event was caught on camera by Andrzej Wiśniewski of AWsome Media, who has since used the footage to craft a wonderful visual for Wobology's lead single, 'Kaleidoscopic Mind'.

As great as they sound on their new record, Wobology is definitely best experienced in person — brilliantly enough, this music video actually manages to fuse the clarity of their studio work with the energy of the band's dynamic live presence.

If you've never checked out this band before, 'Kaleidoscopic Mind' should encourage you to seek out the band's next gig and purchase the album on Bandcamp post haste.

In the meantime, you can watch the music video for 'Kaleidoscopic Mind' below.