Rock band Surkensonik release new raging single 'Gemuruh' — listen

Rock band Surkensonik release new raging single 'Gemuruh' — listen

Surkensonik. Where does that name come from?

A lot of things. Surken is the name of a mountain that they have visited, or as they say, a beautiful mystical field, which can also be interpreted as surreal or the shuriken, the Japanese concealed weapon. This band consists of Alexander Gurion (vocal, lead & rhythm guitar, piano, synth), Ariel Shomron (backing vocal, drums, synth, xylophone, djembe, shaker), and Rendi Jamhur (bass & rhythm guitar). As quoted from their Facebook page, to describe their music further:

A ballad of heavy rock experimental or sonik rock that is ready to invite all the people as we're wandering into the dark, cold, infinity, and further space or swim to the great and colorful beautiful sky."

The band has a wide range of musical influences, namely Tchaikovsky, Guruh Gipsy, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Genesis, and Jeff Buckley, just to name a few.

The single 'Gemuruh' was released through the Demajors record label. The track title translates to rumble; its cover bears surrealistic art. The nature-themed lyrics were written by Alex, helped by Jams and Ariel. Rendi's dark and jazzy bass line also adds color to the song. Some guitar parts were added by Lafa Pratomo. The track was mastered by Benito Siahaan.

Listen to the track below: