What would local musicians buy with just 53 cents?

What would local musicians buy with just 53 cents?

Presented by Singtel Music.

National Day is upon us – and we have 53 years of independence to celebrate. Singapore’s 53rd birthday certainly gives us cause to reflect on how far we’ve come and how much things have changed. No longer a sleepy town, the little red dot is a continual fixture on global Best Of-lists and sits among the most developed nations of the first world. Things are obviously different – 53 years later is 53 years pricier.

We thought it would be fun to uncover what 53 cents could get you in this day and age, and so we turned to our handpicked group of local musicians for help. Surprisingly, their answers were incredibly original and even humorous. Read on for more laughs.


"With $0.53, I'd buy however much teh peng I can get!"

Bandwagon's song pick for Tabitha's 53 cents buy:


"53 cents? That's the price of a soul, man".

Bandwagon's song pick for Evanturetime's 53 cents buy:


Weish: "I'd buy a bergerdil or...53A!"

Bandwagon's song pick for .gif's 53 cents buy:

Celine Autumn of Sobs

"I’ll buy half an avocado from NTUC".

Bandwagon's song pick for Celine's 53 cents buy:

Perk Pietrek

"For 53 cents, you can walk my dog".

Bandwagon's song pick for Perk Pietrek's 53 cents buy:

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