Where Dreams Come True: A Disney Vinyl Giveway

At one point, Disney movies ruled our childhood. And for some of us, they still do hold some significance to us. Nothing to be ashamed about! Family-friendly and always sentimental, Disney films have been around for a while. From an underwater rebellious (and legless) princess to a reluctant heir to the throne who is also a lion, Disney has provided decades of entertainment for us. Also, who can forget the amazing accompanying soundtrack? Easy to sing-along to, and forever relevant, just look at the number of adults on YouTube covering Disney songs... 

As a treat, and a good opener to the season of presents, the merry folks of Universal Music Singapore are showing their Christmas cheer with this exclusive Disney picture disc vinyl giveaway! Only a limited amount available, we have five discs to give away from the choice of Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King, and Aladdin. 


Create your own Singapore Disney Princess! In the form, get crazy and creative and concoct a fictional character of your own. Give her a name, a story, a background - the possibilities are endless. The most captivating story to win our hearts will win the vinyl of your choice!