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Wicked Aura unveils their sophomore album with a grand launch concert at Esplanade Annexe Studio

Wicked Aura unveils their sophomore album with a grand launch concert at Esplanade Annexe Studio

Later this month, Wicked Aura will finally be launching their long-gestating second album entitled Beginning the End!

As we've previously reported, the band actually launched an Indiegogo campaign last year in an effort to raise money for this very outcome. And though it took a while, we're glad to say that their efforts proved to be successful, earning $9,293 USD in total.

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Their LP has actually been recorded, mixed and mastered for some time now, all funded by the band members themselves. But the additional crowdsourced funds was the extra push they needed to finally get this six-year long project past the final hurdle.

Fusing Afro-Brazilian rhythms, funk, punk and dub (just to name a few), Beginning the End is a rousing deconstruction and hybrid of the band's multi-cultural percussion influences, all filtered through their unique perspectives and philosophies.

As the band explains, "Beginning The End evokes a multitude of emotions. The songs are a stream of thoughts, poems and emotional debris that stem from life's little intricacies, socio-political and spiritual upheaval."

Their album and vinyl launch concert will take place on Sunday, 19 February at the Esplanade Annexe Studio from 6pm to 9.30pm. Tickets range from $15 (pre-sale) to $18 (at the door) and can be purchased online here.

Naturally, the band's vinyl and merchandise will also be available at the concert. Attendees are also encouraged to come early to enjoy a pre-show art gallery featuring works inspired by the album.

And for all you kind folks who supported Wicked Aura's Indiegogo campaign, the band will be fulfilling their commitment to their backers from 6pm to 7.15pm. The band then comes on for the concert proper at 7.30pm.

Stream Wicked Aura's Beginning The End below.