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Wonderfruit 2016 puts together a wonderful lineup featuring Young Fathers, Rudimental, Wolf + Lamb and more

Wonderfruit 2016 puts together a wonderful lineup featuring Young Fathers, Rudimental, Wolf + Lamb and more

Over the last couple of years, eco-friendly festival Wonderfruit has established itself as one of the most fun celebrations of art, music and life anywhere around the region.

The annual event is "where fun and social responsibility can go hand in hand as a joyful adventure", and as their ethos encouragingly states, it also "aspires to be a catalyst for positive change and seek to find creative ways to live sustainably and responsibly, and to have a net positive influence on our planet."

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The environmentally-concerned organizers plan to offset their carbon footprint by investing in the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, which is a diverse and rich ecosystem found in Indonesia. Thus, Wonderfruit ticket holders will be participating in an ecologically-conscious event, and helping to protect a thriving and precious natural resource. Sounds like a wonderful time for a wonderful cause!

This year's edition promises to be the festival's biggest yet and will be held within beautiful Pattaya, Thailand at the stunning plantation fields located inside Siam Country Club. Taking place between 15 to 18 December, revelers are given the option pitch their own tents, camp in Wonderfruit's gorgeous boutique tents, hole up in their RVs, or they can even decide to stay off-site should they prefer.

As usual, Wonderfruit have prepared an immersive program of arts, farming, talks, workshops, theater and adventures over the course of the four-day festival, but since we are a music website, we're particularly excited by the music lineup they've put together this year.

Headlined by big names such as Young Fathers, Rudimental, Wolf + Lamb, DJ Dragon, Mad Professor and more (with a second wave of acts to be announced very soon) - this certainly promises to be one of the coolest outdoor parties you've been to in recent memory!

For more further programming details and ticketing information, you can visit Wonderfruit's official website

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