Zamaera releases soaring new single 'Z vs Z' - listen

Zamaera releases soaring new single 'Z vs Z' - listen

"Losing is never an option / Repeat until it’s subconscious / I don’t respond to no nonsense / I don’t respond to no nonsense!" – Zamaera has lifted the veil on gloriously high-stakes single, "Z vs Z".

Overuse has blunted the impact of metaphor but when the context calls for it, the right one hits home. On "Z vs Z", the Malaysian hip-hop siren goes for the jugular – her own. Written as a letter from the present to her past self, the song is part gauntlet thrown and part rallying cry. Belligerent and inspiring, it's also a herald from Zamaera's forthcoming debut EP.

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The 14-time Billboard charting producer and musician Floyd "Timeless" Thomas sees to it that the music is ornate and menacing. Zamaera's infrared bars are conveyed on baroque string arrangements before a trapped-out rhythm section paves the way for an ominous piano-led finish.

Listen to it below.