ZoukOut 2013 DJs: How Are You Preparing?

It's the time of the year again when ZoukOut happens. You may be preparing about what outfits (or lack of) to don, booking a room for the mad weekend, or gearing up to fight for taxis like a crazy auntie but you're not the only ones preparing for ZoukOut 2013! We throw the questions to the DJs who will be gracing the night. Let's hear it from them!

It might be eating 10 eggs a day or practice from dawn to dawn, but how are you preparing for ZoukOut 2013?

Zouk Resident DJs

Adrian Wee: I'm getting myself white speedos and a boob job.

FORMATIVE: I will be sourcing and editing some special remixes of tracks to drop. 

Ghetto: Been collecting new tunes for ZoukOut, can't wait to drop them at the beach!

Hong: Been doing Pre-Zoukout gigs, radio shows and finding out what the air smells like at eight in the morning.

Jeremy Boon: I am busy sorting out the music for my DJ set and organizing the production set up for ZoukOut.

Lincey: Playing at a huge festival such as ZoukOut requires us to be extra diligent with our research. I'll definitely be busy scouring the web for fresh music & making lots of edits for this very special day.

Matthew: Preparing and practicing harder than ever!!!

The Professor: Logically speaking for me, it's just getting the right tracks and practicing 3 to 4 times a week.

Localized Tent DJs

A/K/A: Asking around for tips on how to get rid of stage fright. Apart from practicing. A taxi uncle told me, "You must be one with the Dance." I'm not too sure what he means, but it sounds like pretty good advice.

Gema: I don't prepare for my DJ sets. I choose a beginning and end track, and everything in between is a journey I take with the audience.

Marco: Digging.

Gerald Ang: Working to complete a track for ZoukOut.  Requesting DJ/producer friends to send me their music that I hope to play on the day. Listen to Jazz and Drum & Bass. Browsing for interesting music, occasional record shopping and maybe get a haircut.

Maurice Simon: As I write, ZoukOut is only a month away and that realisation is stirring up a plethora of vivid thoughts and feelings - it's like I'm preparing for an epic adventure. This is a once in a lifetime gig, so I'm trying to be un-orthodox by immersing my senses and searching for inspiration for my set in the oddest ways I can imagine. I've been listening to everything from Carl Craig, to Michael Brecker, to Sonic Youth, to Brian Eno and Kerri Chandler to find sparks and triggers. I've deliberately been eating random foods that I've never tried before like crocodile soup, re-reading my favourite books like 'Love Saves The Day" by Tim Lawrence, drinking lots of weird tea that tastes bad, and getting plenty of fresh air. Ideas for how I want my set to sound could come from anywhere so I'm just going with the flow!

William J: Book a taxi in advance.