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100 Keyboards By ASUNA

17 May 2019 – 20 May 2019

100 Keyboards By ASUNA


Making its Singapore premiere at SIFA 2019, Japanese avant-garde sound artist ASUNA presents his landmark work and site-specific listening experience, 100 Keyboards. A stalwart of Tokyo’s experimental music scene, ASUNA’s playful genre- bending sonic experiments cross from ambient to hip-hop to low-fi pop and improvisation.

ASUNA’s creative genius is on full display in 100 Keyboards. With 100 battery- operated analogue keyboards, he manipulates sound waves to create a intriguing and fascinating ambient wash of overlapping notes and sonic textures that envelop you from every direction. Listen to the subtle variations of sound as they vary based on your location in the performance space.

Timings for the performance are as follows: Monday at 3pm; Friday at 8pm; Saturday at 7pm & 10pm; Sunday at 8pm

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Date & Time

17 May – 20 May
17 May at 15:00 to 20 May at 20:00


Gallery II, Festival House
1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429