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A Date with Friends - Diva-Diva Kita (Our Divas)

7 November 2014

A Date with Friends - Diva-Diva Kita (Our Divas)


From pop to love ballads, joget and dangdut tunes, the ‘70s was an unforgettable time for the Malay music scene in Singapore. Come relive the golden years and pay tribute to the divas of the era with Mahani Mohd, who herself was a popular singer in the ‘70s, and Sarah Aqilah, winner of Anugerah in 2009. Reminisce the good old times and enjoy a memorable night out as the two regale you with the enduring hits of Rahimah Rahim, Julie Sudiro, Anita Sarawak, Julie Remy, Kamaliah Latif, Titiek Puspa, Milah Hussein, Sharifah Aini, Lilis Suryani and many others. Performed in Malay. Photos Courtesy of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

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$18 (for senior citizens), $25

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Date & Time

7 November at 20:00–21:45


Esplanade Recital Studio


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